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Today, we are proud to announce the unveiling of The Freedom and Power Forum. That's right! A place where all refugees from political nightmares can gather and share their thoughts without being afraid of prosecution, persecution or simply poor taste.

This is the culmination of 10 years of R&D, billions of SEK spent, millions of man/woman-hours, hundreds of people and a few untimely deaths (not our fault).

Well.... not really, but we though we give it try nevertheless. If governments can inflate to ridiculous levels everything they do, there is no reason we can't. At least our efforts are worth something.

FYI: The forum is also linked in our new-and-improved menu, now with less fat!

Go take a look and say hi!

Take care and keep thinking!

The Administration


PS.: for those interested in technical details, the forum runs on a superb open source software: phpBB with a few minor tweaks of our own. Thank you gals and guys!

PPS.: we did add a few Social Logins which may make your access easier (don't you just positively hate having to remember hundreds of User ID's and Passwords?).



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