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No Unsanctioned SexThere is a big hoopla going on in Slovenia. The so-called socialist government (aka communist-leftover) has come up with a modification to the Family Law, or, to be precise, to the "Law on Marriage and Family Relations". This law dictates what is "legal" (i.e. allowed) and what is "illegal" (i.e. disallowed) in terms of marriages, divorces, siblings and other "family social support". So far this law was a typical marriage law that you may be able to find in any other country, such as yours. The basics of it meant that you cannot be married or divorce or get separated or educate your children in any way you want. This is the typical idiotic and nonsensical governmental point of view, which dictates that the government not only knows what's best for you but it will tell you how and when to do it. This law is so, so standard that people don't think about it for more than 3 milliseconds. It is only "natural" to get married through a "judge of the piece" in a "civilian" ceremony, right?


Again, this is not complicated. All rights originate in our properties and our property rights are absolute. The first property we own is our own body and as such we are absolutely free (literally) to do with our bodies as we see fit. If we want to join or disjoin somebody else on our own terms, we are absolutely free (again, literally) to do so under the condition(s) we may want, assuming we have a voluntary agreement with the other party or parties. We talked about this subject and how it would work in a Libertarian system in our article Marriages Or Unions Are The Final Frontier.

But no. Governments are there to tell you what you should do. In this case, the politicians in Slovenia decided to amend the laws including "tiny" variations. They are:

  • Abolition of marriage as a union between man and woman.
  • Marriage is now between "two persons" (i.e. homosexual) with rights of adoption.
  • Drastic decrease of parental rights in favour of "child care" rights.
  • Free fertilization in vitro for females and other state support (i.e. money)
  • Prohibition of private adoption
  • The introduction of a new "gender" theory whereby children will now determine their gender.
  • The creation of a Commission to enforce this theory at all state levels including schooling and even subsidised private schools.
  • New gender neutral educational curriculum.
  • Prohibition of parental choice to educate their children as they see fit.
  • General "forgiveness" rules for civil servants should they exhibit reluctance (conscientious objections). Otherwise, they will be discriminated.
  • Humanitarian and NGO not abiding by this new theory won't receive funding, will be discriminated against and/or made illegal.
  • Criminal prosecution against hate speech for those disagreeing against this theory.

And others

In this site our authors and their families are of widely different opinions and points of view. From deeply religious ones to atheists. From people with strong moral and ethical behaviours to laisses-faire and free thinkers. From open to very closed minds. But amongst all this diversity, we agree on one simple point:

It is not anybody's friggin business what we do with our lives!

We have the right to be assholes or saints if we choose to do so. We have the right live forever (or at least to try so) or to kill ourselves if this is our decision. We have the right to make our own decisions our way. We accommodate all points of view and beliefs because they are none of our business! Always. The only golden rule we have is that we do not -in any shape or form- interact with other peoples' properties without a voluntary agreement.

Now take a look at what is happening in Slovenia.

Up to now straight marriages had most of the rights while homosexual ones had (had) nothing. As a matter of fact, they were quite persecuted and prosecuted. Now the tables are turning. Homosexual marriages will have most of the rights while straight ones will have (almost) nothing.

Does this make any sense to you? At all?
Are one-size-fit-all laws acceptable? In any shape or form? Whether you like it or not?

Of course not!

We do care about who is boinking who and how and where, to our own degree and within our own limits; after all we are only human… but we do not act on those points of view!

Yet, governments, do act on them all the time. The Slovenian government has turned the tables and empowered yet another group over a different one. In hindsight, this is all that laws do. Shuffle power from one group to the next one. They can do so because they control the fake (…sorry fiat…fiat) money supply, money they use to pay all those people with guns and badges which will throw you in jail should you decide not to abide by their utterly arbitrary and unworkable rules!

Look, it does not matter if you are straight or gay (or lesbian) or joined or "poliamorous" or in a "meaningful relationship" with your turtle. It is not our friggin business to "do something" about it! It is not your friggin business to "do something about it" because those people's lives are not your lives! You do not, repeat, do not have a voluntary agreement to manage their lives.

This is, of course, not to say that if you do not feel inclined to do so, you should restrain yourself from trying to convince them. Not at all. We are all for different points of view and experimentation. It's just that convincing somebody of something usually does not imply criminalizing their point of view!

This is the reason why we are Libertarians, because we can all have our cake and eat it too…unless somebody interferes without our consent.

But you do not live in Slovenia. You live far, far away from Slovenian. This cannot, ever, happen to you and as such you enjoy being on the winning group that current laws favour, just like Slovenian laws favoured straight couples…oh…that's right…nevermind…

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