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King CheetahKing Cheetahs are a rare mutation from what science calls “normal” ones. You can see a picture of one of them below compared to a “standard” one. As you can see, the King has distinctive “race track” stripes at its back. The King Cheetah was discovered in Zimbabwe in 1926. In 1928 a skin purchased by Lord Rothschild exhibited a mixed pattern between a “standard” and a King. Eventually, Kings were born alongside with “normal” ones in captivity. This lead to the conclusion that the King gene is a recessive one, which means that it remains mostly hidden appearing only in specific circumstances. The King mutation is believed to allow cheetahs to exploit new habitats because it provides a better camouflage in more rugged terrain.

And what has this to do with political evolution?

Excellent question grasshopper.

Almost all political theories “out there” speak about the upcoming great and glorious revolution that will take over the world and lead us into Walhalla. Any time now. Real soon. Believe us.

But not us. Our theory of political evolution speaks about minor changes occurring over long periods of time. It speaks about unusual conditions necessary for those tiny steps to take place. It speaks about the transitional nature of evolutionary steps where every step is similar (but not exactly) to the previous one (see Political Systems Lifecycle, The Law of political Systems Direction and The Three Laws of Political System Change).

The example of the King cheetah provides a graphic analogy to those tiny and slow changes. The King cheetah appeared suddenly but its changes were only minor evolutionary advantages. Only their camouflage improved. All its remaining capabilities remained the same. The evolutionary path of the King cheetah is also transitional in nature. Its discovery by science was also a slow and controversial process. It took zoologists about 50 years to unravel the mystery. Same as political evolution. King cheetah appeared in several places simultaneously. Same as political evolution. Our theory is just scratching the surface. Political scientists will spend decades arguing and investigating. This is how things are.

However, we are not scientists and we can and must point out that political evolution is happening right now in front of your very eyes. Yet, if you want to see political evolution in action, you must look at small things, things that are in the control of people, not governments. This is so because The Leadership Barrier exists and it is real. One such example occurred a few days back when the newspaper The Chosunilbo – Korea reported that “Youngster Feel Living Together Before Marriage Is OK”.

The centerpiece of this article was a statistic indicating that about 57% of young Koreans are OK with simply cohabiting (i.e. moving-in). Worse. About 26% of them believe that having children in those circumstances is OK. Even worse. About 74% support interracial marriage. In Korea. The “chosen nation” where the “chosen people” live. Where intermarriage is frown upon. Mindboggling? No. Evolutionary.

This is what happens when people are fed-up of stupid things and idiotic ideas and restrictions. They take matters into their own hands. The beauty of this process is that happens by default. There is no one leader. There is no organization. There is no political theory behind it. As such, it is unstoppable. For example, what is Korea going to do? Criminalize cohabitation? Punish them economically? How effective do you think this is going to be? If something this stupid would ever be attempted, Korea would be destroyed from the inside out. People would do it anyways or they would simply leave. Young people. You know. The people that Korea depends from to survive? Those ones? Can’t happen? Sorry. It has happened and continues to happen all over the world. It’s called “brain drain”.

Political evolution is like the King cheetah. It is barely visible, slow and hidden but incredibly effective. Unstoppable. Individual. This is why we believe in political evolution. Like the King cheetah what could overzealous political zoologists do? Overpaint all King cheetahs? Kill them at birth? Pointless. Useless. King cheetahs will continue to be born. The only solution is the final solution; kill them all. Stalin tired it with the great Ukraine famine. How many dead? 30 million? 40 million? Pointless. And how about the iron-fist “control” solution? The USSR tried it and we all know how well that worked out.

Political evolution is there, it is happening right below your nose; right behind your back. But it is also happening to you. Every time you doubt the government, every time you believe you can handle a situation better than the government, every time you disagree with the government, you are evolving. And you don’t even know it.

But then again, maybe you prefer not to evolve. Maybe you prefer to be an evolutionary relic. Fair enough, just one thing, please note that there are not too many such relics still kicking around.

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