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Your StoryLong time ago our little band of disappointed…persons (let’s be politically correct) came together in the unwavering belief that political and economic theories of Libertarianism and Austrian Economics were the only correct and true ones. These were not ideals but religions we took upon ourselves to spread among the ignorant in the world. We are the new soldiers in this fight against political stupidity and economic nonsense. We are the gift to humanity. Stay with us or be destroyed!

And now after this interlude, back to our original programming.

Give us a break!

We are sick and tired of being told that our beliefs are indistinguishable from any other beliefs. That we are nothing more than the latest iteration of zealots. That our beliefs are religious-like and that we are equally intolerant with other political, economic and personal views.

And it would seem so.

But no.

Let’s be clear.

This is an aggressive site. Nobody is denying this. But our displeasure is directed towards nonsensical theories and their implementers. This must necessarily be so because the current state of the world really, really sucks. No, really. Would you prefer that we stand-by idly as the other 7 billion people do, while the entire planet goes into a tailspin of economic and dictatorial proportions on its way into oblivion? Of course not.

We are true believers in the sense that we believe in people. Our adoption of Libertarian and Austrian Economic principles are simply means to free people from their current artificial limitations. If you take the time to examine our ideas you may notice that our emphasis is in preventing restrictions and not in imposing new rules or new process to make new rules.

We don’t claim that we have “the” truth. We only claim that for now Libertarianism and Austrian Economics is the way into a better future. Tomorrow, we shall see. And even these beliefs are challenged by… ourselves.

We are not dogmatic in the sense that we do not attempt to impose “rules” originating in our adopted theories, but we openly foster discussion and experimentation. Political and Economic.

We are true believers in evolutionary processes. Processes that cannot be directed nor “managed” (as the “other” guys –and gals- attempt to do all the time). On the contrary. We foster such processes because they can provide us with a better world and can educate people by the way of doing. Learning by doing.

We are true believers in the belief that nobody (including ourselves) can have an absolute belief that everybody will agree to. Don’t believe us? Take a look at religions. They have been trying to do just that for the last…oh…10.000 years or so? That we know? And what is the final outcome of all those struggles? Coexistence. Take a look at what “modern” and “evolved” religions are doing. They are recognizing the right of other religions to exist and have found a way to do so pacifically. Their struggle is for the belief and devotion of people and no longer for the destruction of other ways of worship. They have evolved and we can also do so. But, it had taken them a *very* long time. We don’t have that longer.

Our world is sick. Our resources are diminishing. Our environment is changing. Our immediate future is secure (excluding some idiotic global government action such as nuclear war), but or mediate future is not. Humans, as a species, are on their way into extinction. We must evolve or be gone.

In a sense it can be said that democracies are a step forward for coexistence, it is just that they are not “granular” enough. With this we mean to say that they bundle people in groups and then those groups, as entities, struggle to survive. This is our past. It is now time to evolve past this point into individual groups of one and seek the same type of coexistence.

We are true believers in the power of individual people to make changes to the world, but voting is not the solution; it is the problem. Take a look at the many scientific and technological achievements that have been had over the last 100 years. If you dig deep enough, most of the time you will find one person at the center of it all. One. Not a team, not a government, not a group. One. We owe most of what we currently enjoy to the efforts of individual people. Yes, most of them needed external infrastructures to enable their discoveries and progresses to be made. And yes, some of that infrastructure was provided by governments. However, if you have the infrastructure but not the people, you go nowhere. Progress cannot be made. This is the key. Capable people tend to be found by private infrastructures and so their advances can be made a reality. Government action, on the other hand, creates an infrastructure first and seeks capable people second… when they bother doing so. Government action generates very little –to none- true progress. This is the second key.

Our progress (and wellbeing) depends on individual people and their drive to succeed. In this belief we are true believers.

We are true believers in you and not in ourselves. This is so because we, on our own, can do nothing. You (the big you) on the other hand, can do anything and everything.

We are true believers because we need to be. We wish we could all live in a world where all our needs and desires are instantaneously satisfied. But we do not. We need to struggle to get even a fraction of what we want and need. We truly believe that there is no reason to struggle beyond of what is absolutely necessary… as opposition to other views which believe that struggling is good, particularly when it leads to the diminishing of struggles for the ruling cast, the politicians.

We are not here to make propaganda or to try to convince you of our ways. We are here to let you know that you are not alone in this confusing world and that there are other ways. That you can and should seek them out through whichever means you may deem appropriate. We are here to tell you that our current system is most definitively not the only one we have and it is not the best we can have either. We are here to tell you that it is up to you to create a new one, one that works for you.


We are true believers in the power of individual people. Yes, we adopted Libertarianism and Austrian Economics but this is just us. You can adopt anything you want, but there is only one rule we demand: it must work. For us. Whether it works for you is entirely up to you. However, we demand to be left alone. It must work for us. If it does not, then we will continue pointing out your flaws until you let us be. It is quite simple. Really. You don’t mess with us and we won’t mess with you. Yet another Libertarian principle, if you are counting.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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