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Some people who bother reading this site believe that we are:

a) A bunch of deranged lunatics but quite entertaining

b) A bunch of deranged lunatics talking about Utopia but yet, quite entertaining

As usual, there is some truth to it but not much. We are, in a matter of speaking, slightly deranged. We have to be to spend all this time and effort speaking about a topic so foreign to most people that doesn't figure in their economic or political radar screen not even as a lonely blip. We are also hopelessly guilty of dreaming about Utopia. However, past beyond this point, we are realists. We believe not only that is possible but inevitable that at some point in the future our world will resemble some sort of conglomerate of Austro–Libertarian systems. We have very good reasons to believe so, such as history and the fact that it is currently happening as we speak. Just because you can't see it clearly, it does not mean it is not happening. Evolution is a painfully slow process and there is nothing we can do about that.

However, we can give you a glimpse of what to expect; of the good things still in our future. In order to do that we actually need to go back to the future, because in a sense our future already was. Confusing right?

We find that Austro–Libertarian systems (without the need for them to be "Absolute"), share some characteristics. They are (in random order):

  • Low or no government interference in people's or economic affairs
  • A free market
  • A self–regulating "society" (i.e. low "crime")
  • Common–sense driven decisions
  • No sudden ups and downs (such as economic booms and busts or wars or human–made catastrophes)

The hallmark of people's lives in Austro–Libertarians systems is boredom; but not bad boredom, good boredom. Everything seems to work. Everything seems to be more–or–less stable. News are mostly about trivial issues because there are no other types. Nobody cares about the government and the economy is a non–event; they are both just there and taken for granted because they are so. Nobody cares about what you do or don't do. You are free to associate with whomever you want. Stress is moderate and most people are of a comfortable middle class. Poverty levels are very low. Unemployment is very low. If you are ambitious, then you could start a business and chances are excellent you will succeed; even a small business such as a newspaper stand or convenience stand. Most people are sufficiently educated (they finished Secondary School) and many went on to University. Others prefer to work as professionals in other skill areas such as construction or services. In a word, the whole thing simply works.

If you still believe that this sounds like Utopia, then please stop right now and never, ever return to this site because this is our ultimate goal. If, on the other hand, you believe that this is something achievable, something realistic, please keep reading.

It may surprise you to know that the scenario we described above did indeed happened and not in our far past but in our recent history. Therefore if you want to have a taste for what is in our future, we must travel to the past; to the 60's to be precise.

Many of you, dear readers, are not from the 60's. You are too young and do not remember or you were not even born!. Furthermore the story of the 60's has been tainted by US and the Vietnam war and the Cold War. This much is true. So, in order to obtain a full appreciation of what the future holds for us, we need to revisit the 60's but ignoring the US, Vietnam, the Cold War and a few other wars.

Remember, we promised we will give you a glimpse, not a fully developed picture. Wherever you live and from wherever you are and if you are old enough, remember the 60's. If you are too young, go find a friend, a parent, a relative that remembers the 60's and ask them what those years looked like, what they felt like. Books are good but first impressions are better. Ask them if they were worried, ask them if they lived under the threat of poverty, ask them if they were interested in politics, ask them if they wholeheartedly sought a better world. Chances are excellent they will answer in the negative. Chances are excellent they will tell you that the system simply worked, that their lives were more–or–less peaceful and that people seemed to go along with each other more–or–less and without too many issues.

Then, compare those conditions with current ones. We have wars all over the planet. Countries are re–arming themselves. Militarism is rampant. We live under the constant threat of acts of violence either from our very own government or from some ludicrous terrorist group. We are fear for our economic future since we move from one boom to the next bust. We are robbed of our rights and liberties on a daily basis by bureaucrats and politicians who enforce those robberies through people with badges and guns. We are restricted in our travels. We are restricted in the places we may settle. Power Elites transfer our wealth to their pockets (don't you feel poorer by the day?). Not a day goes by without catastrophic (usually human–made) news being printed. Fear, uncertainty and doubt rules and at the heart of all lays the government.

We could go on but why bother? You know your situation. You know how you feel.

If you still don't believe us, make a list of your concerns and then go talk to somebody who lived through the 60's and ask them about those issues back then. Go issue by issue. You will be surprised, no, scratch that, astonished! by their reply; in a good way.

We are not saying that the 60's will return; this is ludicrous. What we are saying is that the feeling and wellbeing of the 60's will return, albeit in a completely different form which has yet to be discovered or invented.

We do not seek Utopia but simply the return to a sane and common–sensical way of living. Unfortunately, we cannot achieve this goal through democracy. That would be nice but it is simply not possible. Democracy has served us well but it is time now to move on. Democracy is nothing more than a shell of what used to be and it is being gamed by powerful interests. It has become an every person by themselves sort of situation. Those who cheat first and cheat well survive and thrive, those who do not are doomed (this would you and us if you are asking). Fortunately, there is another way. We need a game changer and like it or not, it is coming your way. It is inevitable so you might as well begin to understand it now.

If you want a glimpse of what's coming, you must look back to the future. It will inspire you and answer many questions. It will help you understand that what we are talking about is not hypothetical but real–life, and that this is as real as it gets. Or not. You may choose to continue walking through life with your eyes closed and when the inevitable change comes, be flattened by it. Your choice, as usual.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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